The RST Shop Standard Series(5-50 CFM) are non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers with a static cooled condenser.

The RNC Performance Series (5-1000 CFM) are non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers with a fan cooled condensing unit.

RHT High Inlet Temperature Series air dryers are designed with high-efficiency air cooled aftercoolers and heat exchangers to manage high inlet temperatures and still deliver superior dewpoint per

The SGD single tower desiccant air dryer series significantly lowers compressed air dewpoints. With a simple flow-through design, the dryer produces atmospheric dew points as low as -45°F. The SGD dryer is ideally suited for point of use applications in precision metal fabrication, automotive facilities, body shops and painting. Pre-Filters are required for optimal results and to protect the silica gel media.
The MMR Dryer is a lightweight low flow heatless desiccant dryer that offers unsurpassed installation flexibility and proven performance to -40°F dewpoint. The MMR Dryer uses a small amount of the dried compressed air to regenerate the saturated desiccant bed. The air expands from line pressure to atmospheric pressure and removes the moisture absorbed by the desiccant material. Extruded aluminum housings that surround the dryers are fully protected from corrosion. Prefilters and after filters are required to protect the desiccant media from oil and other contaminants. (NOTE: -100°F is available per request).
The TTHL series is available in flows ranging from 300 SCFM to 1000 SCFM.