Oil Water Separator - 30 Gallon


The Problem: A 350 CFM compressor operating in an environment of 75% RH will take in and discharge approximately 15 gallons of water in an eight hour shift. The higher the air temperature, the more moisture will be present as vapor. The resulting water is contaminated and oily. This water must be cleaned to prevent environmental pollution. MP Oil-water separators have a 100% Performance Guarantee of <10 ppm oil carryover and exceeds EPA requirements.

The Solution: MP oil-water separators are engineered molecular filtration solutions for compressors and the oily condensate discharge problem. MP oil-water separators are filled with a media bed formulated to attract and hold oil (including emulsified lubricant solutions such as polyglycols) and contaminants, while at the same time repelling water molecules. Waste water passes through the media bed which traps the contaminants. The contaminants actually bond to the media, virtually eliminating the possibility of groundwater contamination from the spent bed.

Advantages: Easy installation. Clean operation. No costly and messy filters to change. Long-Life. Performance Guarantee.

Product Information