Odor & VOC Removal Filters

Odor Removal Panel Filters

Odor removal panel air filters contain activated charcoal that absorbs unpleasant odors and other gaseous contaminants in the air stream to improve indoor air quality. They are designed to be thrown out when they are spent. These carbon air filters are commonly installed in HVAC systems in commercial buildings, data centers, food and beverage facilities, hospitality sites, museums, artifact storage facilities, schools, and universities.

These odor removal panel air filters are ideal for removing nuisance odors such as pet smells, tobacco smoke, food odors, and mustiness from the air.

For VOCs and Exhaust Fumes

Alpha-Pure VOC / Odor removal panel air filters trap odors, VOCs (volatile organic compounds, such as fumes given off by paint or cleaning chemicals), exhaust fumes, and other gaseous contaminants. These air filters are commonly used in industrial areas to remove unpleasant smells in the air and capture harmful airborne pollutants to improve indoor air quality.

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