UMZD Gas Phase Bonded Carbon Filtration (Ultra Matrix Zero Dust)

Alpha-Pure UMZD (Ultra Matrix Zero Dust) bonded activated carbon and matrix filters that are available with standard carbon or chemically impregnated carbon for increased load capacity. 


UMZD bonded carbon filters minimize carbon dust found in traditional granular carbon filters. UMZD technology eliminates dust by holding the activated carbon in a rigid matrix with a proprietary bonding process.

UMZD Activated Bonded Carbon Chemisorptive Filters are impregnated with a chemical additive which helps the adsorption process by chemically or physically reacting with the toxic contaminant.


UMZD Classes

A1 Virgin Coconut Shell Carbon for General Removal of VOC's
B2 Caustic Treated for Removal of Acid Gases
C4 Treated for Removal of Ammonia Gases & Light Organic Amines
D5 Treated for Removal of Aldehydes
E9 Treated for Removal of Acids and Bases
F25 Airports and Helipads
K10 Kitchen Equipment

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