V Bank Air Filters (V-Cell)

V1 Series Filters

V2 Series Filters

V4 Series Filters feature 4V construction and Mini-Pleated panels that trap particles with high efficiency and hold more dust than standard mini-pleat, cartridge and rigid cell filters. The installation position, service side, and air flow can be in any direction.

V4 Hospital Grade are Merv16 (H10)(95%DOP) for use where HEPA filter performance is desired but limitations do not allow high-resistance, lower volume HEPA filters. 

VX4 Series Filters are Heavy-Duty V Bank Filters with additional urethane sealant to provide strength for high velocity and high turbulence applications.

V4-AC Activated Carbon (AC) adsorber filters are used in HVAC systems to remove gaseous contaminants such as sulphur oxide, nitrous oxide, amonia, amines, diesel fumes, aldehydes, acid gases, VOC's (volatile organic compounds such as paint and cleaning chemical fumes and animal odors from the air stream. Used to enhance indoor air quality for airports, blueprint facilities, food processing plants, loading docks, museums, office buildings, and research facilities. 

V4HT High Temperature