Wire EDM Filters / WEDM Filters

  • Designed for all Wire Electric Discharge machines
  • Resistant to Bursts
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Excellent Filtration
  • High Dust Holding Capacity
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Long Service Life

  • Alpha-Pure EDM filters are used for steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper or any other ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Service life may change according to the metals being used.

    Alpha-Pure EDM filters clean the cutting sludge from the DI (de-ionizing) water for re-circulation. Using the proper size and flow is important for circulation and machining stability. As the load in the filters increases, circulation volume decreases. Life expectancy is controlled by cutting speed, wire size, material type and thickness. They need to be changed in accordance to the filter back pressure reading or volume loss requirements.

    Alpha-Pure EDM Filters deliver:

    • Better Performance
    • Faster Cutting Speeds
    • Better Surface Finish Quality
    • Less Resin Consumption
    • Lower Operating Costs
    • Stable Conductivity

    EDM Filtration / Changing WEDM Filters

    To get the best performance from a wire machine, the cleanliness of the dielectric fluid is vital. If the fluid gets too dirty, materials may start to rust in the tank, and surface finishes may deteriorate. For example, cutting aluminum raises the conductivity of the dielectric fluid. When this happens, the deionizing bottle must be changed promptly. Also, cutting certain materials will clog filters rapidly. For example, when cutting additively manufactured parts, an internal pocket of loose, un-sintered metal powder may be penetrated. The sudden release of this powder into the fluid can clog the filter unexpectedly. Important maintenance practices include periodically replacing the filter cartridges and sending out the deionizing bottle for regeneration. 

    What is Wire EDM?
    Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) (WEDM) is a metal-working process whereby material is removed from a conductive work piece by electrical erosion. Wire EDM has rapidly become a key component in many industries – molding components, stamping dies, prototyping, aerospace and medical. EDM is particularly well suited for parts which are made from materials that are difficult to machine and/or contain small or odd-shaped angles, intricate cavities or intricate contours. Think of it as reverse welding. With welding, an electric current is used to add material. Wire EDM uses an electric current to remove material. EDM is often referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, wire erosion, wire burning, or die sinking.



    Dimensions and water connection types change as per WEDM machines including Makino, Sodick, AgieCharmilles, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, SPM etc. 

    REF Used on OD (mm) H (mm) Connect Nom Working Temp Max Working Temp Normal Working Pressure Min Burst Pressure LB
    EDM-340450-075 AgieCharmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi 340 450 3/4" 25C 80C 4bar 3.5bar 23
    EDM-340300-075 AgieCharmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Makino, Seibu 340 300 3/4" 25C 80C 4bar 3.5bar 20
    EDM-340450-46 Sodick 340 450 46mm 25C 80C 4bar 3.5bar 22
    EDM-340300-46 AgieCharmilles, Fanuc, Sodick 340 300 46mm 25C 80C 4bar 3.5bar 20
    EDM-142375-32 AgieCharmilles 142 375 32mm 25C 80C 4bar 3.5bar 12

    $103.55 sku : FILTER, EDM 340X300X46
    $153.40 sku : FILTER, EDM 340X450X46
    $153.40 sku : FILTER, EDM 340X450X3/4
    $28.90 sku : FILTER, EDM 142X375X32
    $103.55 sku : FILTER, EDM 340X300X3/4