APX Systems Management

APX Systems & Management Services

APX Systems optimizes growth, improves cash flow and drives profitability for corporate clients by leading long-term sales cycles, managing warehouse and distribution activities and by automating vital supply chain systems. 

We unlock velocity, deliver growth and reduce risk. 

Long-Term Sales Cycle Management

  • The benefits of pursuing projects with long sales cycles may include consistent volumes, market recognition, technology development partnerships, channel adoption and reliable payments.
  • These benefits certainly come with risks and, as time passes, those risks and costs add up. The organization and reputations can be casualties over time.
  • APX understands the risks, and the investments required to overcome them, and what it takes to mitigate the risks ... while never losing sight of the objective. New Sales and new profitability.
  • APX has the focus, determination and tolerance to manage the OEM sales cycle.

Inventory and Distribution Management 

  • Missed shipments and wrong shipments, invoicing errors, inventory shrinkage, inaccurate inventory accounting and poor reporting combine to be very costly. APX Systems will identify and streamline key processes to free hidden savings.  

Supply Chain Processes + Technology = Transformation

  • eCommerce Initiatives from Concept Development to Launch. ERP Selection and Website Integration, item specification data flow, process support, accounting and pick/pack/ship operations.  
  • Visibility, Velocity and Intelligence: You cannot fix what you don't see. APX Systems will give you critical real-time views into your business segments by utilizing, and enhancing, the system infrastructure that is already installed. Often, little time is spent automating basic functions and large initiatives overwhelm the need to review fundamentals.
  • Analytics: APX will streamline and focus on the areas that will deliver the most impact. 
  • Automation: Simply -- APX will reduce Inventory and increase cash by finding and driving global inventory requirements.

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