DHE EVO Replacement Elements (AO,

010AA, 010AO, 010ACS, 010AAR, 010AR
015AO, 015AA, 015ACS, 015AAR, 015AR
020AO, 020AA, 020ACS, 020AAR, 020AR
025AO, 025AA, 025ACS, 025AAR, 025AR
030AO, 030AA, 030ACS, 030AAR, 030AR
035AO, 035AA, 035ACS, 035AAR, 035AR
040AO, 040AA, 040ACS, 040AAR, 040AR
045AO, 045AA, 045ACS, 045AAR, 045AR
050AO, 050AA, 050ACS, 050AAR, 050AR
055AO, 055AA, 055ACS, 055AAR, 055AR
060AO, 060AA, 060ACS, 060AAR, 060AR
150AO, 150AA, 150ACS, 150AAR, 150AR

Float Drain: MDV-EF1

As a rule, elements (and Float Drain MDV-EF1) should be replaced once a year.

Replace Evolution Element Parker Domnick Hunter Type

FIRST INSTALLATION: Filter elements must be replaced when the differential pressure indicator level increases.

  1. Cut the air supply and discharge remaining air.
  2. Pull out the body of housing by turning clockwise.
  3. Take out the dirty element.
  4. Place the new element in to the bowl of the housing. Replace the o-ring provided in the housing head, if necessary.
  5. Clean and lubricate the threads of body before installation.
  6. Connect the system to air supply to check for any leakages.

Cut the air supply (Pic 1) and discharge remaining air by loosening the drain on the bottom of the Filter by hand (Pic 2)

Pic. 1

Domnick Hunter Evolution Series Filter Replacement Elements

Turn the bowl of the filter clockwise to take it apart from the filter head. (Pic.3) After replacing, turn it counter clockwise to assemble the filter bowl.

Pic 3



To replace the old element, take apart from the filter bowl, remove the dirty / old element and place the new element in the housing. Check the drain on the bottom of the filter and connect the system to air supply to check for any leakages. (Pic.4)

Pic 4

Domnick Hunter EVO Element Replacement

MDV-EF1 Domnick Hunter Parker Element Replacement