MBVP Motorized Ball Valve - User Set-Up Programming Steps



On Time = Valve Open Time / Off Time = Valve Closed Time. The Programmable timer valve counts down both the On and Off times on the LCD display.
  1. Hold the Set button for 5 seconds until MBVP 1 appears, the user is now in the “ON time“ programming mode.
  2. Press the Across button and  will appear, the time configuration is set up as follows HH:MM:SS. Scroll across using the “Across” button and set the time values using the “Up/Down” button. The time setting the user is currently on will flash as they are adjusting it, once scrolled off it will be constant. The programmable valve can have an On time set from 00:00:01 to 99:59:59
  3. Once the “On time” is programmed, press “programme set” or “across” twice. Doing this will bring the programming mode onto the “OFF time” and the user will be presented with the      setting. Like the “ON time” the off time can be set from 00:00:01 to 99:59:59. Repeat step 2 to set the “OFF time”
  4. Once the “OFF time” is set, the user can press either the “Programme set” or the “across” button twice, this will display “PonS” on the display, this can be ignored, press either the “Programme set” or the “across” again and ProT will be displayed, again this can be ignored, one more press of the “Programme set” or the “across” button will see the programmable timer valve ready for operation.

The Programmable timer valve counts down both the On and Off times on the LCD display.

Disconnect or depressurize compressed air line (system) prior to any installation or maintenance activity. Eye protection goggles or safety glasses are always recommended during installation and maintenance.

Only Qualified personnel should carry out any installation or maintenance on this product. During maintenance, handling, operating or installation of this product, personnel must observe best safety practices and all local health and safety requirements and regulations. International users must refer to and obey the regulations that prevail within the country of installation. Improper operation or maintenance of this product could be dangerous and result in an accident that could cause injury or death. The manufacturer cannot anticipate every possible circumstance, which may represent a potential hazard.