MMD Dryer Remote Start Stop Set-Up

IMPORTANT NOTE: After completing all the steps for enabling remote start/stop, the dryer can only be started by remote start signal.

Purpose: The purpose of this bulletin is to show how to make the connections and necessary controller adjustment for remote start/stop and alarm signal.

Scope: This bulletin covers all the modular dryers with Crouzet controller.


1.Locating the connector: Connector for remote control and alarm is located under the dryer. In order to reach the connector easily the dryer needs to be tilted back.

2. Remove the connector by unscrewing the single screw on the connector.
3. Reveal the terminals by removing the cover of the connector.

MMR Dryer Terminals

4. On the opposite side of the connector you will see the terminals. Two of these terminals are short circuited by a wire (see photo-3 below). This allows the dryers to start as soon as the dryer is turned on, preventing remote control. Remove the wire to enable remote control. Look at the photo-2 again. Terminals PE and 3 are the remote start/stop input terminals.

5. Only 24 VDC can be supplied to these terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 are remote alarm output terminals. This connection is a dry contact, which means it is suitable for use with 24V AC/DC or 230VAC.

After making necessary connections for remote start/stop, adjustment is needed to be made on the controller.

Press buttons A and B on the controller simultaneously.

Below screen will appear. Digit “1” seen on the left should be changed to “0”. This is the last step to be able to start or stop the dryer remotely.