TMR-995959 Digital Timer Drain Controller Programming

Digital Timer Drain Function Modes ON/OPEN, OFF/CLOSED

When indicator is lit, timer is in ON (OPEN drain) state. OFF = CLOSED.

  1. ON -- OFF Loop Mode: Timer begins ON/OFF cycle in ON state.
  2. OFF -- ON Loop Mode: Timer begins ON/OFF cycle in OFF state.
  3. ON Mode: Non-cycling (manual mode). Timer is ON for specified time before switching to STOP setting (display “- - .- - .- -’’).

Press RESET to restart ON mode.


Factory Default Settings:

  1. ON -- OFF loop mode; ON state with 2 seconds countdown, OFF state with 2 seconds countdown.

Changing DIGITAL TIMER Settings

When settings are being changed the device will pause function until new
conditions are set or setting mode is exited.

  • To modify the function mode and time, press the MODE button which shows “ON - OFF”. "ON" is "OPEN" or "Energized". "OFF" is "CLOSED".
  • The timer has 3 MODES: “ON -- OFF”, “OFF -- ON”, and "ON". The specific "ON" setting should not be used for condensate discharge applications. Pressing MODE again switches between Operation Modes. Press ENTER to select desired mode and set the timer digits.
  • NOTES: Selecting MODE “ON -- OFF” will have ON (OPEN) timer first. Selecting “OFF -- ON” will have OFF (CLOSED) timer first.  A recommended setting selection is the “OFF -- ON” MODE -- so the time for the CLOSED PERIOD is set first -- 30 minutes, 1 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours for example.  
  • After the MODE is selected, the digital timer entry can begin. Press ENTER after each digital setting. HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS. The digital timer allows very specific OPEN and CLOSED ranges.
  • Press the ADD button to increase the time for each value. Press ENTER to confirm the number and move on to the next digit. Once the 6th digit is set, unit enters the next timer setting (unless ON mode was selected). Repeat the process.
  • The 1st 2 Digits in HOURS represents blocks of HOURS. (For example: 50:00:00 would represent a timer function of 50 Hours. 00:30:00 represents 30 MINUTES. 00:00:03 represents 3 SECONDS.
  • The "OFF" (CLOSED) value can be set to be 24 hours 24:00:00, 12 hours 12:00:00, 1 hour 01:00:00 or a minute value such as 00:45:00) Passing through all three modes will reset device and timer will continue operating under the old setting conditions.
  • Typically, the OPEN is mere seconds. A typical Digital entry for OPEN would be 00:00:03. This means the valve will OPEN for 3 seconds to discharge condensate. 
  • After timers are set, display will flash the function mode 4 times and device will begin operating under the new selected conditions.

RESET Function:

  • Press the RESET button. The system will stop the current parameters and start the cycle work from the beginning according to the parameters which have been set.