UMZD Filter Activated Bonded Carbon Chemisorptive Filter Applications

Acids Acetic
Acids Acetic Anhydride
Acids Acrylic
Acids Butyric
Acids Caprylic
Acids Carbolic
Acids Formic
Acids Lactic
Acids Phenol
Acids Palmitic
Acids Propionic
Acids Valeric
Acids Phenic
Acids Phosphoric
Acids Formic
Acids Acetic
Acids Propionic
Acids Methacrylic
Acids Oxalic
Acids Sulfuric
Acids Nitric
Acids Hydrochloric
Acids Hydrobromic
Acids Caprylic
Acids Carbolic
Alcohols Ethyl
Alcohols Amyl
Alcohols Butyl
Alcohols Cyclohexanol
Alcohols Isopropyl
Alcohols Propyl
Alcohols Methanol
Alcohols Methyl
Alcohols Ethanol
Alcohols Propanol
Alcohols Allyl Alcohol
Alcohols Butanol
Alcohols Isobutyl Alcohol
Alcohols Amyl Alcohol
Alcohols Benzyl Alcohol
Amines Methylamine
Amines Ethylamine
Amines N-Propylamine
Amines Isopropylamine
Amines Cyclohexylamine
Amines Benzidine
Amines Dimethylamine
Esters Butyl Acetate
Esters Ethyl Acetate
Esters Ethyl Acrylate
Esters Ethyl Formate
Esters Methyl Acetate
Esters Isopropyl Acetate
Esters Methyl Methacrylate
Ethers Amyl
Ethers Butyl
Ethers Dioxane
Ethers Ethyl
Ethers Isopropyl
Ethers Methyl
Ethers Propyl
Ethers Methyl Ether
Ethers Ethyl Ether
Ethers Vinyl Ether
Ethers Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl
Hydrocarbons Benzene
Hydrocarbons Napthalene
Hydrocarbons Styrene Monomer
Hydrocarbons Toluene
Hydrocarbons Toluidine
Hydrocarbons Xylene
Hydrocarbons Isobutane
Hydrocarbons Acetylene
Hydrocarbons Butylene
Hydrocarbons Butadiene
Hydrocarbons Cyclohexane
Hydrocarbons Hexylene
Hydrocarbons Pentane
Hydrocarbons Propylene
Hydrocarbons Propane
Hydrocarbons Ethylene
Hydrocarbons Cyclopentane
Hydrocarbons Hexane
Hydrocarbons Octane
Hydrocarbons Ethyl Benzene
Hydrocarbons Pyrene
Ketones Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
Ketones Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Ketones Dipropyl Ketone
Ketones Diethyl Ketone
Ketones Ketene
Ketones Acetyl Acetone
Ketones Methyl Isopropyl Ketone
Ketones Methyl Propyl Ketone
Ketones Diethyl Ketone
Ketones Methyl Butyl Ketone
Ketones Methyl Isoamyl Ketone
Ketones Dipropyl Ketone
Ketones Methyl Amyl Ketone
Ketones Ethyl Butyl Ketone
Ketones Ethyl Amyl Ketone
Ketones Isophorone
Ketones Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
Ketones Acetone
Ketones Cyclohexanone
Nitrogen Compounds Ammonium Acetate
Nitrogen Compounds Ammonium Chloride
Nitrogen Compounds Ammonium Hydroxide
Miscellaneous Human odors
Miscellaneous Animal odors
Miscellaneous Adhesives
Miscellaneous Camphor
Miscellaneous Carbon Monoxide
Miscellaneous Carbon Dioxode
Miscellaneous Citrus fruits
Miscellaneous Cooking odors
Miscellaneous Degreasing solvents
Miscellaneous Deodorizers
Miscellaneous Detergents
Miscellaneous Hospital odors
Miscellaneous Leather
Miscellaneous Ozone
Miscellaneous Nicontine
Miscellaneous Perfumes
Miscellaneous Petrol
Miscellaneous Putrefying odors
Miscellaneous Putrescine
Miscellaneous Products of incomplete combustion
Miscellaneous Plastic
Miscellaneous Poultry odors
Miscellaneous Rancid oils and fats
Miscellaneous Resins
Miscellaneous Rubber
Miscellaneous Stale odors
Miscellaneous Odors from stables
Miscellaneous Tar odors
Miscellaneous Tobacco smoke
Miscellaneous Toilet odors
Miscellaneous Turpentine
Miscellaneous Varnish
Miscellaneous Vinegar
Miscellaneous Wood Alcohol