UMZD Solutions

UMZD bonded carbon panel filters are molecular contamination control filters featuring Ultra High Mass and Zero Dust. UMZD Panels solve the many problems associated with loose filled activated carbon filters. UMZD panels do not shift, settle, dust or channel. No after filters are required.

UMZD carbon panels are molecular contamination control filters suitable for solving complex Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems, odor removal and gaseous pollution in many application areas including: semiconductor and microelectronic manufacturing, airports, libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, surgery centers, research facilities, office buildings, computer rooms, clean rooms, electrical rooms, retail stores, print shops, stadiums, auditoriums, municipal buildings, restaurants, homes, pet hospitals, pet groomers, waste water treatment facilities, medical laboratories and nursing homes.


  • no messy handling and costly transport
  • solid panels mean zero dust
  • uniform density of sorbent media across the panel provides enhanced protection and even flow across the filter
  • eliminates air bypass for higher efficiency and extended service life
  • uniform residence time ensuring maximum performance
  • can be deployed in V shaped configurations with minimal pressure drop and impact on the system.

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UMZD panels are replaced right at the air handling unit with the same quality 100% virgin carbon as the initial installation. Loose filled tray systems are typically replaced with regenerated carbon minimizing adsorption performance. 

A UMZD carbon solution is available for removing application specific contaminants.

  • ORGANIC COMPOUNDS: Acids, Alcohols, Aldehydes.
  • CHLORINATED HYDROCARBONS: Esters, Ethers, Ketones, Mercaptans, Amines.
  • INORGANIC COMPOUNDS: Halogen Acids, Halogens,Sulphuric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide, Phosgene.
  • ODORS FROM: Humans, Animals, Foods, Cooking, and Waste Processes

UMZD Panels are fabricated from specialized activated carbon. The framed panels are covered on both sides with a spun bonded polyester scrim and feature a gasket on one side for front access designs. The premium grade rigid carbon block is formed using a proprietary process. The engineered density bonded carbon filters will not release carbon dust into the air stream and will not contaminate sensitive environments.

UMZD Bonded Carbon Filter Usages: Activated carbon is highly effective on many gas phase contaminants:

Animal odors
Asphalt fumes
Auto exhaust
Body odors
Charred Materials
Sour milks
Waste products
Cleaning odors
Jet engine exhaust
Fish odors
Kitchen odors
Stale odors
Liquor odors
Moth balls
Onion odors
Paint fumes
Sewer odors
Tobacco smoke
Vinyl chloride
Many process gases

Retrofitting existing loose trays:

UMZD panels are available from 3/8” to 3” thick and are easily installed into any existing side or front access carbon housing without any mess from carbon dusting. Transport and added labor to refill trays is eliminated with UMZD bonded panels.  High initial efficiency is maintained with replacement panels composed of 100% virgin carbon when compared to using regenerated carbon. 


Carbon Selection & Application Guide:

UMZD carbon panels can be manufactured from virgin carbon, where contaminant removal is accomplished by physical adsorption or from impregnated virgin carbon where contaminant removal by chemical adsorption mechanisms is required.

A1 Virgin Coconut Shell Carbon for General Removal of VOC's
B2 Caustic Treated for Removal of Acid Gases
C4 Treated for Removal of Ammonia Gases & Light Organic Amines
D5 Treated for Removal of Aldehydes
E9 Treated for Removal of Acids and Bases


Carbon Material

 The panels are composed of virgin coconut shell granular activated carbon with a minimum carbon tetrachloride (CTC) activity of 60% per ASTM D-3437. The granular carbon is 4x8 US mesh size with an apparent density of 0.49 g/ml minimum. The minimum hardness is 97 per ASTM D 3802. The minimum surface area shall be 1100 m2/g (N2BET Method) and the moisture content will not exceed 5%.


Other Industrial References: HMZD, Carbon Panel Filters